Considering a new ERP Imaging Integration?
Aurionpro Sena can deliver a new solution tuned precisely to your Imaging, Workflow, and ERP business needs. We enable faster ROI with reduced risk while delivering targeted functionality and a tailored user experience for your Accounts Payable, iExpense and other Oracle application deployments.

Solution Benefits

At Aurionpro Sena, we’ve created a configurable and extensible BPM/BPEL-based workflow and routing tool that offers a significant implementation advantage for a business whose processing requires records processing within an ERP system. Our solution can streamline your implementation and be applied to any of the following systems:

  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Human Resources
  • Expense Processing
  • Vendor Onboarding

With our new solution, your organization can:

  • Expedite Implementation
  • Increase Processing Velocity
  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance
  • Improve Operational Insight
  • Reduce Overall Costs



  • Detailed Audit Trail
  • Approval Routing and History
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Configurable Task Queues
  • Descriptive Invoice Title
  • Email Digest Notifications
  • Configurable Notification/Escalation


  • Attachment / Multiple-Attachment Support
  • Configurable Actions
  • Configurable Statuses
  • Duplicate Checks
  • Search Capabilities:
    • Saved Search
    • Ad Hoc Search


  • Activity Archive Report
  • Exception Processing
  • Pre-Designed Dashboards:
    • Accrual/Aging
    • Amount by Employee
    • Amount by Status
    • Live Metrics

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