Jersey City, New Jersey
Raleigh, North Carolina
Edison, New Jersey
SFO, California

Working at Aurionpro Sena

If you would like to have a healthy balance between work and personal life while delivering complex business solutions, then Aurionpro Sena will be your second home. We're not overly big. We're not overly trendy. We're not developing self-driving cars. We're also not stuffy, dishonest, arrogant, vain, or mean-spirited. We are:


In the San Ramon office, we take playing foosball very seriously. The same is true about playing carom in Pune. We are equally passionate about enjoying working together, technology, and the success of our customers.


The entrepreneurial spirit that fueled our founders’ initial venture has stuck with us today. By embodying our values and by taking initiative, every member of our team has huge potential to grow both personally and professionally.


Building our businesses around true industry experts was our philosophy from day one. And there is no denying that we are experts at what we do. Check out our awards. Our customers and partners confirm our approach every single day.

Full of Integrity

We hold ourselves to an incredibly high set of standards. And although it's only human to make mistakes, we always try to follow the morally and ethically "right” path.